Urban Fitness Club

How To Redeem A Coupon:

If you purchased an online coupon deal (Groupon, Social Shopper, etc.), please follow the instruction below to redeem your coupon voucher:


  • Please leave the “opt-in for email” box checked (default). Only auto email for wait list confirmation and class reminders will be sent out. Email is the only way you will find out if you are added from the wait list to a class
  • Please ignore any payment request.  We only need your name in our system, so we can put in pass for you (Step 2)


  • Please Email your coupon voucher as a PDF or picture file attachment to info@urbanfitnessclub.com
  • Please do NOT try to redeem a coupon voucher over the phone.  We need to see the voucher to validate your account
  • You must have an account set up (step 1) before emailing us
  • Please make sure you Email the coupon voucherNOT a purchase receipt.  You can download the voucher from your coupon dealer’s website under your account.  A voucher should always has the following information: name of the deal, voucher code/bar code, expiry date, redemption instruction, etc.
  • Please do NOT send us any web link of the voucher.  It only works when you log in.
  • Please include your full name and phone number and the type of class pass (if it is not already clearly indicated on the voucher.  i.e. what type of specialty pass – Pole Dance or TRX) in the Email; and allowed 24 hours processing time


  • We will activate your coupon voucher for you after receiving your Email
  • An email will be sent to confirmation the activation of your pass
  • You voucher # does NOT work on our website.  We will credit your account for you. Please wait for our Email confirmation
  • We do not recommend you to show up for a class before receiving our confirmation email, as the class maybe fully booked


  • You will be able to register for classes online once your pass is activated
  • Please make sure to take your first class within one month after the activation
  • For your first class, please arrive 10 minute early to sign a waiver at front desk and pay applicable taxes (5% GST of the coupon price). Please bring cash for your tax payment
  • Take your first class and have FUN!

* Online registration is required for all future classes as well.  We recommend you to register online 1-2 days before the class day.  Online registration period is 14 days for group fitness classes (Boot Camps, Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga) and 7 days for specialty classes(Pole Dance, TRX), meaning you can only reserve a class for 14/7 days in advance.


  • If a class is full, please always get on the wait list.  There is a very good chance to get in the class if you are on the wait list.  An confirmation email will be sent out at least 3 hours (6 hours for Pole Dance and TRX) before the class start time
  • Please make sure the “Opt in for email” box is checked (default) in your online profile.  Email is the only way you will find out if you are added from the wait list to a class
  • The system stops adding people from the wait list 3 hours (6 hours for Pole Dance and TRX) before class start time. Please try to register for the class directly online during the 3 / 6 hours window


  • All classes must be cancelled online at least 12 hours before class time
  • Class is counted as attend for late cancel.  Repeat late cancels may result suspension of your pass and/or additional penalty of $5/late cancel
  • Please review our CANCELLATION POLICY in detail


  • For an expired coupon deal, we will still honour the promotional value if you activate and take your first class within one week after the expiry date.
  • The promotional value will not be honoured after the one week grace period
  • You are still entitled to the purchase amount after a coupon expires.  Please Email voucher to info@urbanfitnessclub.com for more information