12 Hour Cancellation Policy

12 Hour Cancellation Policy With $15 Penalty

5 Early Cancels Or More Per Week Will Result In Membership Suspension Or Termination Without Refund Due To Membership Abuse (We Are Now Tracking Early Cancels)

To server our customers better we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. That  means if you cancel your class 12 hours or more to the class you will receive full credit back to your account. If cancelled within the 12 hour window you will lose your class and incur a $15 penalty on your credit card. Members who do not have an updated credit card will have their account suspended until the account is in good standing. Failure to pay penalty immediately will disrupt your membership. There is no acceptable excuse for booking a class and missing your appointment except for an injury with proof from a doctor. In addition to late cancel penalty members who have decided to book too many classes and have been early cancelling though out the day need to be aware that Urban Fitness Club staff will monitor early cancelling now. Any member with 5 or more early cancels per week will have their account suspended and potentially terminated without refund due to membership policy abuse. Urban Fitness Club is a community based gym so please do not hold spots and prevent your friends from enjoying their workout. This policy is in effect and there are exceptions.

10/20 Pass And Drop-In Members Only Lose Their Class (No $15 Penalty)