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ObstacleFit Bootcamp

ObstacleFit® Bootcamp is a high energy, full body and functional workout done at an intensity that will improve both strength and endurance. The class combines a variety of effective activities such as calisthenics, plyometrics, kickboxing drills, core exercise and resistance training.
What is ObstacleFit®
ObstacleFit® is dynamic, high intensity small to medium group workout routines using either your own body mass or the mass of a partner set to music either indoor or outdoors for a minimum duration of 6 minutes to a max of 60 minutes. ObstacleFit® is a fusion of many disciplines and can be combined with any activity to tone the body, increase cardio, endurance and a better overall healthy lifestyle. ObstacleFit® goes beyond just the workout by also retaining the mind to set goals and the body to modify and moderate eating to suit your body. Realistic positive goals and eating what you enjoy in moderation combined with a minimum of 3-5 workouts a week is the secret to success! The days of the gym is dead. ObstacleFit® is the fun and addictive style of fitness made for the other 90% of the population who need the support of their group and the positive leadership of an amazing instructor to get them to their optimum level of health.