The best fitness instructors in Vancouver with a wide variety of classes to keep you happy, healthy and never bored.

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Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro is a certified Master Zumba instructor and have been teaching Zumba for over 10 years.

He is also a certified BCRPA fitness leader for Group Fitness, Personal Training and Weight Training.  He was also trained in Yoga/Pilates and TRX suspension program.

He currently teaches Zumba, TRX and Bootcamp classes at Urban Fitness Club.

Outside of teaching, he was on the development team for bobsled and skeleton racing for Team Canada and Team Switzerland. He is also a sprinter for 400 meters.

Check out Alejandro on Youtube:

Urban Fitness Instructor Amanda

Amanda Butler

Amanda found her passion in Pole Dance in 2012. Born and raised in the Northwest Territories where she practiced figure skating and gymnastics. She moved to Vancouver in 2003 for university studies in biology and then switched majors to specialize more in ceramics where she participated in several successful shows in various galleries around Vancouver.

She teaches Intro, Beginner and Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness classes.

Urban Fitness Club

Birgit Watson

Born close to Munich, Germany, Birgit always loved dancing and fitness.  She did Jazz-dance, classic dance and gymnastics in high school.  She has been skiing since she was 4 and was a ski instructor in Germany.

She found pole dance shortly after moving to Vancouver in 2010.  Pole dance is the best way to combine dancing, cardio, strengthening muscles, stretching, and having fun.
She believes that the most important aspect in a class is to have fun, feel good, and gain self confidence.
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Chad Mathew

With a passion in health and fitness, Chad furthered his personal training credits at the internationally recognised Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), gaining his Master Trainer Level I Certificate, his Certificate III in Fitness, and the industry’s highest accolade, the Certificate IV in Fitness. After completing his Master Trainer Program at the AIF, Chad was awarded with the Institute Energizer Award for displaying exceptional enthusiasm, passion and dedication throughout the course, characteristics that Chad prides himself on displaying both professionally and personally.

Building on his impressive background in health and fitness, Chad also holds a current Apply First Aid Certificate incorporating Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Emergency Life Support.

Chad specialises in:

  • Core strength and stability
  • Strength and endurance training
  • Boot camp (indoor/outdoor)
  • TRX suspension training
  • Body Sculpting
  • Partner /couples training
Vancouver Fighter

Craven Denison

Started taking Karate at age 5, then kickboxing and kung-fu at 10. At 14 I got really interested in taekwondo, and competed nationally for Ontario and BC. Received my black belt at 16, and my 3rd degree black belt at 22. I have my Level 1 cert in Instruction with the World Taekwondo Federation.

I have gone to Langara college for human kinetics and have personally trained fighters for tournaments. In the past 10 years, I trained in various disciplines such as krav maga, pankration, hapkido, kali, shoot boxing, western boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, and MMA.
I have lots of bootcamp experience leading classes of up 30 students at all fitness levels and ages.  I also teach weapons such as nunchucks, and bokken. I am Level C certified in CPR/ First Aid.
Urban Fitness Club

Dean Larsen

I have been practicing martial arts for 10 years focusing mainly on kickboxing, Ikatan Kali and Urban Survival Systems. I grew up playing hockey,baseball,tennis,soccer and football. I also enjoy running and hiking. I believe training and a healthy lifestyle will lead to a better life.  I will help you get in the best shape of your life. With my guidance and your hard work together we can accomplish our goal.

Check out Dean on Youtube:
Urban Fitness Club

Ed Wong

Edward Wong has been an instructor, student and competitor of the martial arts for over 20 years. Edward is an instructor in Filipino, Indonesian, Israeli and Russian martial arts. He is an also a student of Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee’s First student in America).

Edward is also the founder of Urban Survival Systems® .Which is an organization dedicated to exploring and educating people in the reality of street violence and self protection. People in the field of security, law enforcement, military and civilians make up U.S.S.® .We are an organization run by people who had years of street experience and, not by theoretical application of traditional martial arts. Hardcore training and being open minded to more practical and realistic martial arts training is of the utmost importance in U.S.S.® We always strive to become a more efficient “fighting machine”.
Check out Ed on Youtube:
Urban Fitness Vancouver

Eoin Duffy

Eoin has a wide range of classes to offer for men and women. Fat Burn, TRX and Boxing are some of the few which he trains in. Each class is specifically different to provide a number of choices to suit your preference. All classes are full of energy and most importantly enjoyable. Eoin’s communication and understanding with the class, is what gives the participants the drive to work to the best to their ability. Resulting in a high quality workout. His knowledge of training is to be seen in his classes as he is quick to correct any wrong techniques to avoid injury and give maximum training effect.

Check out Eoin on Youtube:
Urban Fitness Club

Eric Marcina

As a trainer I will make sure you get pushed beyond the limits you have set for yourself. I recognize everyones potential and with years of experience and fitness knowledge I will safely and effectively help you achieve it. From beginners to the gym scene, people in need of quick weight loss, athletes wanting to increase tone & muscle to seasoned veterans I will create programs that will challenge anyone at any fitness level.

 - 8 years of Karate, 2nd degree black belt
 - Over 15 years of Kickboxing training and instructing experience
 - INSANITY® certified instructor since January 2014
Check out Eric on Youtube:
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LaShay Carr

LaShay discovered Zumba back in 2009 and instantly became addicted! Her husband Tyquane also has an intense love for fitness and a passion for dancing. They will team up to show you what is a real Zumba Party! Class routines are fun and easy to follow!

Their goal is to make you smile, laugh, and sweat to the music. Join the party! It will be the most enjoyable hour of your day!
Urban Fitness Club

Noel Villanueva

Text coming.

Urban Fitness Club

Ricardo Trevino

Ricardo is a CanFit Pro certified personal training specialist. He is a group fitness trainer in boot camps, cycling, Muay Thai boxing, Jujitsu and kickboxing since 2009. He is also a professional climbing athlete.  His other experience including gymnastics, CRP and First Aid.

Urban Fitness Club

Rolly Lumbala

Rolly Lumbala has been playing professional football for the BC Lions for the last six years. Training professionally his entire life, he felt it was important to share his knowledge and skills on how to obtain a healthy and strong body. Rolly also obtains a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Idaho where he studied on a football scholarship before being drafted into the NFL and later the CFL.

Rolly has been running children’s sports camps and adult bootcamps for the last three years with great success. He is best known for his ability to overcome obstacles not only on the field but within his training camps as well. His passion is helping others obtain the tools to a healthy and strong body, breaking mental barriers and enriching their soul with the happiness that is gained from a healthy lifestyle. Hence came about the slogan; Training your mind, body and soul.

Urban Fitness Club

Tak Sasaki

Tak has been involved in fitness for over 15+years. His own passion to develop his body through strength and conditioning started at a young age of 14 at the local community gym. He took on his first role as a coach in high school, monitoring the high school weight room during lunch where he discovered his passion in helping others. He continues to learn new techniques to evolve the human body to this day. His pursuit to learn about the development of the body brought him to seek different ways to challenge not only the physical but the mental as well. A stay in Japan had a big influence in his training and outlook where he studied meditation, and spiritual centering through the breathe.

During the middle of his coaching/training career, he started to discover the martial arts. Thru the help of Jason Fenton (Iron City Muay Thai) Thailand was the next big trip, to train Muay Thai, at 13Coins Resort one of the top Thai boxing gyms during that time. Through his pursuit with the martial arts, he became more intrigued with the physical conditioning of Mixed Martial Artists and started his own adventure into the culture/training of these amazing athletes. He began to compete in tournaments, the ring and the cage. Which led him to train with some of the top MMA professional athletes in Canada at Tristar Gym. His experience as a Mixed Martial Artists has given him insight to his own mental blocks and to surpass the boundaries of mental limitations on the body.
Tak continual challenges himself on a physical, mental and spiritual plane, to be a true warrior to himself. To apply this in his coaching and training with his clients. He is still currently competing as a MMA Athlete. He is always looking forward to a new challenge where ever life may take him. Looking to make a healthy difference in peoples lives.
Urban Fitness Club

Isamu Yano

Starting from a young age, Isamu has trained in many disciplines over the years. From Taekwando, Karate, and Sanshore to more mixed arts, sports jujitsu and general MMA. His lead training was in boxing and Muay Thai.

with a life time commitment to personal wellness and improvement he has completed at high levels of soccer, baseball, rugby and almost every sport he attempts, relishing in the challenges of a new obstacle to push his personal limits.

Join him in pushing your own limits, learning and expanding your self awareness and empowerment. Don’t forget to smile.

Urban Fitness Club

Michael Olivotto

When I first started yoga, I could barely turn my neck, as a combination of work and several accidents had broken my body. As my body began to release the built up tension, I became intrigued by the philosophical and spiritual message of yoga.
While working in remote parts of British Columbia, I began to practice on my own. In this isolated setting, I would practice to the music that called to me: hard rock and melodic metal. I discovered that the music brought me far deeper into myself than I had ever believed possible.By teaching a powerful yoga style to such contemporary music, I hope to awaken a spiritual and physical balance in people who might otherwise dismiss yoga or who might find it unapproachable. Also, I hope to foster an environment that is both approachable and invigorating.
Check out Michael on YouTube:

Current vacancies

Position: Yoga/Pilates Instructors

High traffic downtown location on Davie and Burrard studio seeking a qualified and passionate Pilates Instructor for small group classes. Flexible opportunity.


  • Fully Certified Instructor
  • Minimum 1 Year Teaching Experience

To Apply:

Contact us at 604-696-5549 or

Position: Group Fitness / Bootcamp Trainers

Looking for motivated and experienced trainers to teach balance, core, strength, flexibility training for a busy downtown studio at Urban Fitness Club. Looking for certified and up-to-date trainers to work a few times a week to do group fitness training.


  • Fully Certified Instructor
  • Minimum 1 Year Teaching Experience

To Apply:

Contact us at 604-696-5549 or

Position: Zumba Instructors

Looking for certified Zumba Fitness instructor to teach a fun and innovative class. A busy studio right downtown at Urban Fitness Club. Teach once or twice a week and work with a great new team. Start teaching today.


  • Fully Certified Instructor
  • Minimum 1 Year Teaching Experience

To Apply:

Contact us at 604-696-5549 or

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